Frank and Ronald De Boer, false brethren towards AjaxLes twins are now desperate to leave the club forever.

Amsterdam correspondence

Both have exactly the same age, the same physiognomy and the contract binding them to the Ajax until the year 2004. Today, Frank and Ronald De Boer twins are hands in hand in the fight they lead to early exit the Amsterdam club and go win five times more money to FC Barcelona. For one of them could go abroad, the brothers who have played together for most of their career were even prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice: to separate. Frank, back, remain at the club for another two years if Ronald, who plays in the middle, was allowed to leave. Then the World Cup came and Frank has proven one of the best defenders of the competition. The “little brothers”, as they are called, have gone on a crusade: “My proposal to stay for two years has been trampled. So now we are determined. Ajax could have kept ‘half, and now he loses both, “says Frank De Boer to the largest newspaper in the country, De Telegraaf. Determined to go to the end, Frank and Ronald have asked the Committee of arbitration of the Dutch football federation. But it was decided that both players should continue playing for Ajax at least until 2001! in fact, a section of their contract states that “the player will not ask contract dissolution before the year 2001, even if another club offers him a higher salary. “a paradoxical situation, the twins have themselves asked last year for an extension of their contract through until 2004 a raise. Since Frank and Ronald want to see the country, and a week ago they refuse to attend training. a boycott will not last forever as the club is now right to stop payment their sala ire. “We are at an impasse, recognizes the voice of Ajax Erik Van Leeuwen. We definitely want to keep them. They are of utmost importance for the team. “Ajax, whose salaries do not hold a candle to those of Spanish clubs, Italian and English, is facing several years in a mass exodus of its best abroad. Thus, in two seasons, the club he lost Patrick Kluivert left for Milan, Dennis Bergkamp and Marc Overmars who joined Arsenal Clarence Seedorf gone to Real Madrid and Winston Bogarde exile in Barcelona. With goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar, the De Boer brothers are the most prominent Dutch club. Their loss would be a blow for Ajax as much as from this year, the club is publicly traded and has to justify to shareholders. But its brochure mentions precisely the long-term contracts the club as a guarantee of its value, and explicitly shows the “little brothers” for example. If the arbitration commission was uncompromising, is that “this time, it is clear that the case was a precedent and that a contract would have no value,” says one to the Federation. But next to the right, there is the reality. Frank as much as Ronald, approaching thirties, are offered the opportunity to land a lucrative contract in a prestigious training. Real Madrid, Arsenal and AC Milan have emerged. But it is Barcelona who has a preference: Catalan club, coached by Dutchman Louis Van Gaal, their former coach, is willing to pay 22 million dollars (130 million francs). Moreover, they could continue to play together. This week, both players and management will meet Ajax, suggesting that a compromise could be found: the De Boer brothers could either leave before the expiry of their contract or separate, the one can regain his freedom while the other would remain at the club. “But it may be that their transfer is realized only in a year,” admits Yvette Parlenvliet, agent of little brothers.