Berlin – A number of credit intermediaries offer loans without Schufa request – a possibility for consumers who already have negative entries. But caution is required. Not all offers are serious. Therefore, the German Bar Association (DAV) advises to check the terms of mostly foreign banks closely.

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Usually the providers demand – due to the higher default risk – also higher interest rates. However, if the required interest exceeds usual market interest rates, consumers should be careful – this is the case when interest rates are above eight to twelve percent.

When looking for reputable offers, reviews from other customers can be helpful. Another clue is according to DAV, whether the provider is checked by the Tüv. Consumers should only use a loan if they want to temporarily bridge a financial bottleneck.


Net loan amount Euro
Loan term 12 months 24 Months 36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months 84 months 96 months 108 months 120 months
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The rescue of Greece: two aid plans for 240,000 million that do not clarify their future

The rescue of Greece: two aid plans for 240,000 million that do not clarify their future

  • The Hellenic country remains mired in uncertainty pending key legislative elections next Sunday, June 17.
  • According to official data, the Greek economy will contract this year, for the fifth consecutive year.
  • The adjustments and the authority promoted by the ‘troika’ have caused unemployment to skyrocket to 22% and more than a quarter of the population living in poverty.
  • Ireland is the model of success of a country intervened in the EU | The problems of Portugal did not end with the rescue.
  • The IMF advances the report that leads to the rescue: the Spanish banking needs, at least, 40,000 million euros .
  • KEYS: this could be the rescue to the banking sector of Spain.
Elecciones en Grecia

Pedestrians are reflected in an electoral poster of the Democratic Alliance party, in Athens, Greece. Orestis Panagiotou / EFE

Greece is still mired in uncertainty and is facing key legislation on Sunday 17, converted into a plebiscite on its permanence in the euro, despite the two aid programs of the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). value of 240,000 million euros .

According to official data, the Greek economy will contract this year, for the fifth consecutive year, at 4.75% , and from 2008 to 2011 its GDP accumulates a fall of 13.8%.

Adjustments and austerity driven by international creditors has caused unemployment to have more than doubled to the current record high of 22% .


Close to one third of businesses have also been closed and the fall in purchasing power of a large part of Greeks has been reduced by almost half, while more than a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line .

The rise in taxes and fees, together with the reduction of pensions, has made the older population with the most modest pensions particularly difficult, according to numerous NGOs.

The public deficit closed in 2011 at 9.1%, far behind the planned plans , due to the effect that the economic contraction has on tax collection.

At the same time, the risk premium is above 2,700 basis points , a level of funding that prevents Greece from financing itself and makes it completely dependent on the EU and the IMF not to suspend payments.

When everything started

In 2008, Greece put an end to a growth cycle of 15 years, which together with the distrust generated by the data of the hidden deficit and the drastic downgrades of the risk measurement agencies closed the markets to the Greek public debt.

The so-called debt crisis began shortly after Yorgos Papandreou’s Social Democrat victory in October 2009, after announcing that the deficit left by the previous conservative New Democracy government was not 6%, but 12.7% of GDP.

Subsequent revisions of the EU finally put it at 15.4% .

In May 2010 , the EU and the IMF approved the granting of a loan worth 110,000 million euros , which has been delivered in installments, in exchange for a draconian savings plan in public spending and other structural adjustments.

A year later, another aid program worth 130,000 million euros was approved , which included the removal of half of the public debt in private hands, around 100,000 million.

The unpopularity of the measures of saving stoked the protest in the street and wore so much to Papandreou that last November he left the Government, which was remodeled to give entry also to conservatives and ultranationalists led for five months, until the beginning of May, by the Former Prime Minister Lucas Papademos.

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Tax return: Students receive an average of 3,000 euros back

Tax return: Students receive an average of 3,000 euros back News always well informed


Wednesday, 24.08.16, written by Cora Christine Döhn

The universities and colleges soon open their doors again for students. The freshman students often start their studies with empty pockets, as they spend a lot of money on applications, moving, the new laptop and books. However, all these expenses can be recouped to students through the tax return. On average, they receive about 3,000 euros from the state reimbursed.



Mit der Steuererklärung für Studenten viel Geld zurückerhalten
David Czaniecki, Jalyna Schröder and Daniel Hanemann are the founders of studentensteuererklä

Many students are currently waiting for admission to study. If you already have a commitment, you may already be looking for a shared flat at the place of study, prepare the move and buy the first textbooks. That costs quite some money. But any costs incurred before and during the course of study can tax students . This is true even if they do not pay any money to the Treasury. How this works and what students have to do, explains Daniel Hanemann of students tax in an interview.

How can students deduct money from tax without paying taxes?

Daniel Hanemann: Students can deduct their study costs from the tax office via an annual tax return. On the one hand, this is possible if you have already paid taxes, for example on a side job. On the other hand, it works even if they did not have any tax payments .

If students have already paid taxes on a job, the expenses for studying lead to a tax refund, usually in full . If no taxes have been paid in the respective year , the tax office nevertheless takes note of the expenses for studying and registers the loss. This is called loss carryforward. The tax office remembers the expenses for studying until the student earns taxable income. Then the losses are tax deducted and the student receives a tax refund or, in the case of self-employment, has to pay significantly less taxes. This loss carry-forward reduces the taxable income on the first “normal” tax return , so that the tax base is much lower.

An example: Max Mustermann spent 15,000 euros on his semester abroad. That’s his loss carryforward . When he starts working, he earns 45,000 euros in his first year of work. As usual, he pays taxes monthly. In the tax return, he indicates the loss carryforward. His actual taxable income is thus reduced to 30,000 euros . For the sake of simplicity, we assume a wage tax rate of 33 percent. In this case, Max has paid around 5,000 euros too many taxes and gets them back with the first tax refund.


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What expenses can students indicate in the tax return?

Daniel Hanemann: All expenses that are clearly raised for study purposes can be taxed as so-called income-related expenses. Which includes:

  • tuition fees
  • Editions for technical literature
  • work equipment
  • Travel costs to the university and library
  • Spending for a semester abroad

In addition , students can take advantage of many packages , they do not even need bills or other receipts. For telephone and internet, the flat rate is 20 euros per month, for each application at 8.50 euros, for each day internship there is a food allowance of 24 euros or even for the move to the university city 730 euros (since 2015). The travel allowance of 30 cents per kilometer for trips to the university or part-time job should also not be forgotten by students in their tax return.


Indicate the loss carried forward in the tax return correctly:

The first tax return is actually quite simple. The Tax Guide will help you step through all forms so you do not forget important items or enter in the wrong column. For the loss carryforward, you have to put a check mark in row 2 in the jacket sheet.

Is a tax return for students always voluntary?

Daniel Hanemann: No. Anyone who earns more than € 8,652 (basic allowance for 2016) a year and therefore owes taxes to the state is obliged to file a tax return. This is often the case with self-employed and freelancers, for example . But that does not mean that taxes have to be paid as well. By specifying study costs, for example, the taxable income can be significantly reduced. Voluntary is the levy whenever students earn less than the basic allowance or more tax was paid than necessary.

Is a tax return worthwhile for students anyway? (How much money can students on average get back from the Treasury?)

Daniel Hanemann: A tax return is almost always worthwhile for students. On average, students who report their tuition costs as losses annually receive a tax reimbursement of over € 3,000 as soon as they enter a profession. If you have spent a semester abroad, many internships or excursions during your studies, the reimbursement can be much higher. This is also the case when studying at an expensive private university or studying abroad .

Even for graduates, it is possible to deduct the costs of studying in retrospect from the tax. Are there deadlines to be respected here?

Daniel Hanemann: Currently, students can submit tax returns up to seven years retroactively , ie up to and including 2009. The prerequisite for this is that no statements have been submitted for the corresponding years. Because only one single declaration can be submitted per year. Presumably, the seven-year period will be shortened to four years in 2017.

Thank you for the interview, Mr. Hanemann!

Daniel Hanemann is an expert in student tax returns. On the platform he gives students and graduates important information on how to reimburse their study costs.





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Frank and Ronald De Boer, false brethren towards AjaxLes twins are now desperate to leave the club forever.

Amsterdam correspondence

Both have exactly the same age, the same physiognomy and the contract binding them to the Ajax until the year 2004. Today, Frank and Ronald De Boer twins are hands in hand in the fight they lead to early exit the Amsterdam club and go win five times more money to FC Barcelona. For one of them could go abroad, the brothers who have played together for most of their career were even prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice: to separate. Frank, back, remain at the club for another two years if Ronald, who plays in the middle, was allowed to leave. Then the World Cup came and Frank has proven one of the best defenders of the competition. The “little brothers”, as they are called, have gone on a crusade: “My proposal to stay for two years has been trampled. So now we are determined. Ajax could have kept ‘half, and now he loses both, “says Frank De Boer to the largest newspaper in the country, De Telegraaf. Determined to go to the end, Frank and Ronald have asked the Committee of arbitration of the Dutch football federation. But it was decided that both players should continue playing for Ajax at least until 2001! in fact, a section of their contract states that “the player will not ask contract dissolution before the year 2001, even if another club offers him a higher salary. “a paradoxical situation, the twins have themselves asked last year for an extension of their contract through until 2004 a raise. Since Frank and Ronald want to see the country, and a week ago they refuse to attend training. a boycott will not last forever as the club is now right to stop payment their sala ire. “We are at an impasse, recognizes the voice of Ajax Erik Van Leeuwen. We definitely want to keep them. They are of utmost importance for the team. “Ajax, whose salaries do not hold a candle to those of Spanish clubs, Italian and English, is facing several years in a mass exodus of its best abroad. Thus, in two seasons, the club he lost Patrick Kluivert left for Milan, Dennis Bergkamp and Marc Overmars who joined Arsenal Clarence Seedorf gone to Real Madrid and Winston Bogarde exile in Barcelona. With goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar, the De Boer brothers are the most prominent Dutch club. Their loss would be a blow for Ajax as much as from this year, the club is publicly traded and has to justify to shareholders. But its brochure mentions precisely the long-term contracts the club as a guarantee of its value, and explicitly shows the “little brothers” for example. If the arbitration commission was uncompromising, is that “this time, it is clear that the case was a precedent and that a contract would have no value,” says one to the Federation. But next to the right, there is the reality. Frank as much as Ronald, approaching thirties, are offered the opportunity to land a lucrative contract in a prestigious training. Real Madrid, Arsenal and AC Milan have emerged. But it is Barcelona who has a preference: Catalan club, coached by Dutchman Louis Van Gaal, their former coach, is willing to pay 22 million dollars (130 million francs). Moreover, they could continue to play together. This week, both players and management will meet Ajax, suggesting that a compromise could be found: the De Boer brothers could either leave before the expiry of their contract or separate, the one can regain his freedom while the other would remain at the club. “But it may be that their transfer is realized only in a year,” admits Yvette Parlenvliet, agent of little brothers.

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